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Album Progress

Hey Worlds Divide fans! After a break for the holidays, and to prep for the highly successful State Theater show, we’re back to tracking for the full-length album. Bass is almost finished, then we’ll be moving on to the vocals. As has previously been mentioned, Justin Peyatt from Heroes Will Fall is taking on the monumental task of recording his amazing voice to Worlds Divide’s music, and we know you’re going to love what he’s done! Justin’s style is a unique departure from the classic approach Mike took, and we feel that Justin adds a certain twist to the material that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do! So keep checking back, more to be posted soon!


State Theater in St Petersburg, FL

What a great show! It was an amazing night filled with great bands, awesome fans, and blistering Metal. For those who missed it don’t worry, you’ll have another shot. Worlds Divide is especially proud of Freddy and Justin of Heroes Will Fall, who have done a tremendous job with drums and vocals. Thanks again guys, you’re slammin’ it!!


Farewell Mike!

Our friend and fellow Worlds Divide band member Mike Ligori has decided to re-form his old band Screaming at the Silence, and dedicate his full attention to that project. We wish Mike the best, and know that he’ll be bringing a great project back to the fans. On occasion, Mike will be hitting the stage with us live to perform the classic Worlds Divide tunes from the EP. But for the album, we’ve enlisted the help of Justin Peyatt from  Heroes Will Fall. Justin brings a great vocal style to Worlds Divide, combining soaring clean vocals with a punchy scream that drives the music forward in unexpected and unique ways. We know you’ll love it, just like we do! Keep checking back to learn how the album is progressing, and for info on upcoming show dates!


Happy Holidays from Worlds Divide!

Many celebrate this time of year, and we in Worlds Divide are no different. No matter what religion you follow (or don’t – whatever), this time of year is one in which most people enjoy some time off from work, and have an opportunity to get together with family and friends for some good times. We wish you all good cheer, and look forward to ringing in the new year with some epic Metal. So take care, drink lots of spiked eggnog, and prepare for 2013. It will be a year to remember!


The Guitar Tracking Has Begun!

We’re happy to announce that guitar tracking has started. Jimmy is an amazing engineer, and for those who don’t know make sure to check out Sweet Spot Studio, home of Worlds Divide and one of the best Metal/Rock recording engineers in the Tampa Bay area. As this is a Metal Mecca for the world, that is a bold statement. But one which we feel is accurate and rightly deserved. Check back with us to get the latest, more news to come soon!


Exciting News!

Famed Metal drummer Kevin Tally has been brought on board to track the drums for the upcoming Worlds Divide album! For those few who may not be aware of Kevin’s credentials, check out bands such as Chimaria, Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus, and Daath amongst others. Kevin’s work with those bands speaks for itself. Kevin also gained much renown trying out for Slayer prior to Dave Lombardo’s return to the Epic Metal Legend. To say we’re excited about Kevin’s participation is an understatement. His amazing talent, combined with a love of all things Metal will add a great deal to the integrity and overall epicness of this album. We know our fans will appreciate what Kevin brings to the table, and we look forward to unleashing it upon your soon-to-be-bleeding eardrums. More soon…


New Songs are Coming Together.

Jimmy and Dave have been work-shedding the new Worlds Divide material, and have come up with some truly epic songs. With the EP, the focus was on a classic Metal feel that brought elements of a modern style together with classic Speed/Thrash. The new material has taken this to new heights, and promises to be not just an expansion of that ideal, but an evolution, as more intricate playing and varying influences make their mark on the songwriting process. Keep checking back to get the latest, as we’ll be posting more as the process moves along.


Worlds Divide Begins Writing for New Full Length Album!

After the summer release of their well-received EP En Requiem (2011), Worlds Divide has begun writing songs for a brand new full length release. While the EP was a great representation of the bands musical prowess, the forthcoming album will be an evolution of their current sound to new and exciting heights. More news to come soon…

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